romy rosemont glee spring premiere 320 'Glee': Romy Rosemont wants Finn's mom to don a stonewashed denim wedding dressAn unexpected bonus when Kurt decided to hook his dad up with Finn’s mom on “Glee”? Fans got to see a different side of Carole Hudson.

“It was such a touching episode because how many single mothers do
we know that are exhausted [like Carole]?” Romy Rosemont, who plays Carole, tells Korbi TV in the video below. “And I love the fact that they gave her
this transformation and no more acid-washed jeans, which I was grateful

Yes, we are loving the Carole makeover too.
So, now that Carole and Burt (Mike O’Malley) are coupled up, will we be seeing a lot more of them this season?

“We definitely see me,” Rosemont says. “We could see more of me if I had my druthers. … It’s a great storyline and it’s going to further [in the final episodes this May], but there are so many people to accommodate. But hopefully these characters will grow and the public will want to see more of them.”

We do! We are tearing up just thinking about what went down with them this week. And it makes us feel closer to all involved.
“Because Finn is so bigger than life, I think what they’ve done is something that is really interesting by giving him a woman that everybody knows [in their own lives],” Rosemont continues. “You know Carole. You do. Either you know her, or she’s like your mom or she’s like your neighbor, and I think that’s really, really smart, because you have to have these bigger than life characters and what they’ve done is peppered in all these real people, which is just so much fun to play.”

Something else Rosemont wouldn’t mind playing out onscreen? A Hudson-Hummel wedding.

Posted by:Marisa Roffman