glee heart sugar 'Glee': Samuel Larsen steals our 'Heart' on Valentine's DayWe’re not going to go so far as to say “Heart,” the “Glee” Season 3 Valentine’s Day outing, was perfect. But after a run of mediocre-to-bad episodes, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Too bad the scenes for next week have us cringing again. But no matter, let’s focus on the good stuff!


Samuel Larsen — The “Glee Project” co-winner made his “Glee” debut as Joseph Hart, a formerly homeschooled sophomore and new member of the Christian club. He was a little fast on his line readings, but his onscreen personality is already far more magnetic than Damian McGinty‘s. Sorry, Damian, you’re cute, but Samuel is interesting. He’s got a fantastic voice (that blends really well with Chord Overstreet‘s, just sayin’) and we can’t wait to see more of “Teen Jesus.” 
“I Will Always Love You”Amber Riley slayed this unfortunately timed Whitney Houston cover. It was nice of “Glee” to include a card at the end of the episode honoring the singer — imagine how awkward a hastily put-together in-episode tribute would’ve been. We’re happy they let the gorgeous song speak for itself.
Rachel’s dads — Okay, they were kooky, inappropriate and a little stereotypical. But come on — that’s what “Glee” does well. Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell looked like they were having fun, and the “let’s pretend to approve of the Finn/Rachel marriage to get them to realize it’s a terrible idea on their own” thing is actually funny and believable (in the “Glee” world).
“Let Me Love You” — We’d love you, Artie! (But seriously, we could watch Kevin McHale doing the boyband thang forever.)
Chord Overstreet rapping — Surprisingly not terrible in any way! He and McHale can share hip-hop duties now.

Karofsky in a gorilla suit — REALLY?! We actually quite like Max Adler as an actor, but this plotline seemed like a rushed replacement to make up for Darren Criss‘ Broadway-induced absence.
Mercedes and Sam — STILL NOT TOGETHER. Come on. Let’s not keep drawing out the inevitable. (And it is inevitable, RIGHT?!)
“L.O.V.E.” — Tina and Mike duet! And it’s lovely! Too bad they don’t actually get a storyline of their own, instead they have to soundtrack the rando Sugar love triangle.
Brittania — Yay! They’re together, happy and kissin’. This would go in the good column, but we did NOT get the full-on making out we were promised.
No Sue or Schue — We love the show more when the students take center stage. It’s actually quite worrying that “Glee” is so much better when two of its main characters are absent.
Rory is going “Home” — So it’s unclear whether Rory telling everyone he was leaving was true or just a tactic to become Sugar’s date for her party. But now that Samuel’s here and so awesome — and Damian has been around most of the season and stuck in the background — we wouldn’t be opposed to Rory peacing out back to Ireland. He’s had his run, but the character (and the actor, frankly) haven’t really caught our attention. Don’t get us wrong, we fully think McGinty is adorable, but his time has come.
What was Beaver (a.k.a. Aaron Hill from “Greek”) doing there?! 
Finn popping up in the middle of the ice sculpture and smiling was specifically shot for GIF-making purposes, right? Between that and last week’s horrific Cory Monteith body roll, we feel like the directors are just messing with us now.
Posted by:Jean Bentley