glee santana gallery 'Glee' Season 3: Santana's coming out story, 'hot action' for Will and Emma, plus... an NYC spin off?Now that we’ve finally seen “Glee‘s” big New York finish, it’s time to look ahead to Season 3. “I am under the opinion it will be the best season,” executive producer Brad Falchuk told EW. He didn’t want to give too much away about his plans for next year — he goes back to work on Season 3 at the end of June — but he did drop a few hints.

Santana will get her coming-out story. Many people expected her to come out in the finale, but Falchuk says that he plans to devote several episodes to her story and flesh it out the way they have Kurt’s.  “We knew it was going to take some time. We didn’t wanna rush it. We didn’t have the time to really tell that story. I’m not gonna just have her come out in the last scene of the episode. That’s a big deal. We dedicated two episodes to Kurt coming out and then it went on. We want to give it some time so we’re giving it some time and we’re going to get into it next season.”

Will and Emma are a go! “There was a Will and Emma scene [in the finale] but we had to cut it for time. The Will and Emma people can rest assured that they’re both single now and he’s helped her get better. There will definitely be some hot action there.”

New voices! In the first two seasons, the entire writing staff consisted of executive producers Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Falchuk. They’ve finally succumbed to the idea of a writing staff. “We’re trying to get a lot of quirky people and interesting people and people that are not what you’d expect. I think it’s gonna help us to get some fresh voices.”

More Sam/Mercedes. If you’re confused as to why Sam and Mercedes are keeping their relationship a secret, you’re not alone. “They have their reasons. That was something that was born out of the prom episode. We felt the chemistry there.”

Grown-up Quinn, with her sassy new look. “It was all in her hair, man. It really was. All the bad juju was in her hair and she cut it all off and everything got better. It wasn’t that she got over [Finn and Rachel] but I think she’s just grown up. Every culture has a ritual like that where you make some sort of physical change and it transforms you inside too.”

Graduation! “We have plans definitely,” Falchuk says. “This is not a willy nilly thing. We have plans for stuff and it’s gonna all be great.”

As for the possibility of a New York based spin-off with grown-up Rachel, Finn, Blaine, and Kurt, Falchuk says, “I don’t know. Like I said, I am basking in the glow of finishing. Talking about starting is way too soon.”

What do you hope to see out of Season 3? More Blaine? More “Samcedes?” Santana and Brittany getting together for real? Weigh in below in the comments section.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie