glee season 4 finale all or nothing fox why patty duke meredith baxter 'Glee' Season 4 finale: What was the point?

A lot of stuff happened in the “Glee” Season 4 finale, but how much of it mattered? What did we learn about the show, and how does this finale propel us into the already-announced Season 5?

Was there a point to anything in “All or Nothing”?

I ask this question for a good reason: There was neither closure nor Season 5 setup in this finale. Not much, anyway. Honestly, the only thing that had any closure was the Wemma relationship and “surprise” wedding. That, however, hardly counts after so many years of fake-outs and close calls.

The rest of the stories feel awfully open-ended. And I don’t mean in a good, cliffhanger-style way. It’s more like there should have been at least one more episode to figure things out this season. That way, we could have learned something (ANYTHING!!!) about Rachel’s audition. The totally legitimate and interesting issues between Ryder and Unique could have been explored. Blaine could have either proposed or actively decided not to propose. We might actually know if Brittany is now a free agent or if she is again dating Santana and/or Sam.

As it is, the audience remains clueless.

What do we know or at least suspect?

  • If you go to rehab during production, “Glee” will just ignore your existence (sorry Cory Monteith!).
  • “Fondue for Two” and Brittany’s wacky adventures at MIT would both make excellent programs that I would totally watch.
  • Rachel, much like Schrodinger’s cat (it’s a physics/philosophy thing), currently exists in a state of indeterminacy with regard to her “Funny Girl” audition. Until we observe the actual outcome of her singing, Rachel neither has nor doesn’t have the part.
  • Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter need to at least play recurring characters on “Glee” Season 5.
  • Don’t worry about graduation issues — Season 4 ended only partway through the school year. Season 5 will presumably pick up right away with the season-long quest to win Nationals.
  • Brittany is either really smart or really lucky with her random doodles. MIT had better hope for the former.
  • Everybody loves Breadstix.

Did the “Glee” Season 4 finale satisfy you? Did it pique your curiosity for Season 5? Or do you need more for that?

Posted by:Laurel Brown