kate hudson glee season 4 nyada first look small 'Glee' Season 4 first look: Rachel Berry meets Kate HudsonKate Hudson looks all kinds of fierce in her first photos from the set of “Glee” Season 4, and now our suspicions of her character’s awesomeness are confirmed in this extended clip of the actress in her guest arc on the hit FOX show.

The new scene shows the former big-fish-in-small-pond Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) as she meets Cassandra July (Hudson), her bitchy new dance instructor at NYADA during her first Dance 101 class.

“If you are not suffering from severe body dysmorphia, then you don’t want it enough,” July barks at her intimidated new students like NYADA’s own answer to Sue Sylvester. Naturally, Rachel is insanely intimidated. “I bet you were a big star in Iowa, weren’t you,” July asks the former New Directions member.

Check out the scene below (once you get past the weird intro).

Posted by:Jean Bentley