kate hudson glee season 4 nyada first look small 'Glee' Season 4 premiere   Kate Hudson kills and 4 more things to knowIt’s actually quite easy to discern the plot of the “Glee” Season 4 premiere, considering the episode is called “The New Rachel.” Put simply, the episode will try to discern which of the current New Directions members is the new lead singer, and it’ll follow Rachel as she gets used to her new life in New York City.

But after having seen the episode, here are a few more things you can expect:

1. The newbies are good. Like, gooooooooooood. Both Melissa Benoist, a.k.a. Marley Rose, and Jacob Artist, a.k.a. Jake Puckerman, have impressive musical numbers in the premiere. The other new kids, Rachel’s collegiate love interest Brody (played by accent-less Aussie hottie Dean Geyer) and new HBIC Cheerio Kitty (Becca Tobin), are fantastic too, though we haven’t heard them sing just yet.

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2. Kate Hudson is spectacular.
Not to heap on the love too much, but this is the most fun we’ve had watching Hudson on screen in years. Her Lady Gaga/Jennifer Lopez mashup (watch below!) is the very definition of fierce. We hope she never leaves. (Feel free to refer back to this in a few months when the writers start overusing her genius and we start growing sick of her.)

3. Lea Michelle is a really great singer. Did you guys know that?! She sings a super fantastic rendition of “New York State of Mind” in the premiere that truly is goosebump-inducing.

4. Jacob Ben Israel is back!
The resident McKinley High gossip returns to document the first day of school, and as usual he has the scoop on every hookup, breakup, and any other -up that might’ve gone down in Lima over the summer.

5. Sue’s baby has arrived.
The little bundle of joy has already shown up by the time school starts. No, we still don’t know who the famous baby daddy is.

Posted by:Jean Bentley