kate hudson glee season 4 nyada first look 'Glee' Season 4 spoliers and a first look at Kate HudsonRyan Murphy‘s new Twitter account has been a great source of spoilers for “Glee” Season 4 (and all of his shows, really). His newest gift to fans? The very first picture of Kate Hudson in character as Rachel’s NYADA dance instructor.

Aside from the Hudson pic, Murphy doled out a few details about the new school year during a Q&A with some lucky fans. What did we learn?

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1. Coach Bieste will be back.
“There is no GLEE without Coach Beiste,” he writes.

2. So will Burt Hummel. Expect plenty more Kurt ‘n’ Burt interaction in Season 4. “Always. They are my favorite two. Mike O’Malley is so talented,” Murphy says.

3. And probably Lord Tubbington, too. Brittany’s chubby cat is not only beloved by fans, “Lord Tubbington is an Ian Brennan fave,” Murphy writes.

4. Wemma fans, things could get interesting for your favorite couple. Looks like Will and Emma’s relationship will be shaken up a little bit when Emma decides to stand up for herself. “Good [Wemma scenes] coming. #emmagrowsabackbone,” Murphy spills.

5. Blaine will never, ever have a hair out of place. When a fan asked if the wardrobe department could go easy on the former Warbler’s hair gel, Murphy responded, “Never. #cementkeepsitinplace.”

6. Could the New Directions cover Taylor Swift again? Possibly. Murphy loves the singer’s new single as much as everyone else, writing, “Taylor Swift’s new single is fantastically catchy. And Taylor-made for GLEE, don’t you think, Gleeks?”

What do you think of this new info? What else do you want to know about Season 4?

“Glee” Season 4 premieres Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Posted by:Jean Bentley