'Glee' Season 4: Gloria Estefan in talks to return as Santana's mom

Season 4 of “Glee” is not lacking in its list of famous guest stars. Ranging from Kate Hudson to Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s bound to be an eventful year for Gleeks. Now, it looks like there’s hope for the possible return of another favorite guest star.
Last season, Gloria Estefan appeared as Santana’s (Naya Rivera) mother on “Glee.” While sources close to the show tell us that no return appearance has been confirmed quite yet, Estefan doesn’t hesitate to tell Zap2it that she has been in talks with Ryan Murphy about getting some more screen time on the show.

And she already has some ideas. Estefan tells us, “I want to have it out with that grandma.” You may recall that Grandmother Lopez disowned Santana upon learning of her granddaughter’s sexual orientation. Though Santana is now off to college at the University of Louisville, there’s always room for her to come back and potentially repair that relationship.

Estefan stresses, “It was not a nice thing. It was a very real thing; it’s stuff that happens in life. I just would never allow my mother to leave it like that with my daughter in any way, shape or form. I need to have it out with [the grandmother], and have some kind of reunion happen with them, because that’s just not acceptable in my book.”
Though we didn’t get to see Estefan sing in the first episode, she explains that she’s wanted to focus on the story at hand rather than showcasing her musical talent. “I preferred that my screen time was devoted to character development of the mom. I was happy I could focus on the acting, because people know I’m a singer. I wanted that time on the screen,” she says.
Estefan reveals that there had been a duet planned with fellow “Glee” guest star, Ricky Martin, but it got scrapped. “Originally they were going to do something with Ricky and me together, but then Whitney passed away, and their whole thing changed. They did that tribute, which wasn’t part of the plan.”
Though her return has not been confirmed, here’s to hoping Gloria will be back on screen ready to take on Santana’s grandma with a big musical number!
“Glee” returns Sept. 13 on FOX.
Posted by:Teny Akay