glee season 5 christmas episode 'Glee' Season 5 Christmas episode: Fun guilty pleasure, shameless ploy to sell songs, or both?In the timeline of “Glee” Season 5, it is not December. So framing last night’s (Dec. 5) Christmas episode as “lost footage” from last year was one way to get around the continuity issue. But did it work?

Well, sort of. The New York part, like every other episode this season, was more fun and entertaining than anything McKinley-related. Plus, it gave us “Popular” star Bryce Johnson as the sexiest Santa Claus you’ve ever seen as a grifter who gets everyone in the loft drunk, seduces Kurt, then steals all their valuables. Why he’d target a group of kids who live in a Bushwick loft is beside the point — did you see his abs?

Clearly, though, this episode was made to sell some more songs. The “Glee” Christmas album is now an annual tradition, so how could they push those iTunes downloads without a TV tie-in? Neither the album nor any of the singles are in the Top 10 right now, so it might not’ve worked the way they hoped. Plus, the episode garnered the show its lowest ratings ever (that could be because it aired against NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live,” but it could also be because this episode really just seemed like an unnecessary afterthought.)

But, in conclusion, it was worth sitting through the weirdness just to get Santana as an incredibly inappropriate Mrs. Claus. This is why we love her, and why we can’t quit “Glee” no matter how infuriating the other parts are. When it’s good it’s goooood.

What did you think of the out-of-place Christmas episode?

Posted by:Jean Bentley