glee season 5 rachel berry lea michele first look twitter 'Glee' Season 5: Lea Michele's first picture as Rachel Berry

“Glee” Season 5 might be a sad one for Rachel Berry. Much like the actress who plays that character, Lea Michele, Rachel will have to face the loss of a loved one, Fin (played by the recently deceased Cory Monteith).

The first photo of Rachel in the new season may reflect that.

Michele posted the image of herself in the character of Rachel late on Tuesday (Aug. 6). She tweeted the following caption to go along with the bittersweet view:

“Feels so good to be home… #GleeSeason5”

Since the image simply shows Rachel sitting alone in what looks to be her New York City apartment, the true meaning is up to interpretation. The girl does look sad, in that prim, Rachel Berry sort of way. With stark imagery and a complete sense of “alone,” something is definitely wrong. Whether this is meant to convey Michele’s — and Rachel’s — grief or whether this is some other disappointment in the character’s life … Well, that’s the real question.

After a delay prompted by Monteith’s unexpected death on July 13, the cast of “Glee” has finally returned to the studio to shoot the first episodes of the upcoming Season 5. Three episodes are planned for the fall, followed by a hiatus of indeterminate length.

Posted by:Laurel Brown