“Glee” Season 5 has released its first footage in a promo video, and it does look interesting. With hosting duties carried mainly by Darren Criss (Blaine), the video gives us a look at Principal (?) Sue Sylvester, the future of Kurt and Blaine, and the need for two weeks of the Beatles.

No, this video doesn’t mention Cory Monteith or episode 3, in which the show will have a memorial episode to the character of Finn Hudson. This is all about the Beatles and a happy return.

First of all, there is the big news: Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is back at McKinley High School. And she’s the principal? How does that work?

If you recall, Sue was fired close to the end of Season 4, when she claimed to have fired a gun on school grounds. She turned out to have been covering for Becky (Lauren Potter), but the act cost Coach Sylvester her job.

She’s back now. It will certainly be interesting to find out how one goes from disgraced former coach to high school principal in a short amount of time. Let’s just hope “Glee” lets us in for that process.

Next, there’s the continued issue of that little box Blaine hid behind his back in the Season 4 finale. Based on earlier storylines, that was believed to be an engagement ring for Kurt (Chris Colfer). But nothing happened before the season ended.

It looks like the forward movement will come very early in Season 5.

Finally, we do get an explanation as to why the Beatles are going to occupy two weeks of musical space on “Glee”: They need two weeks to do justice to the world’s greatest boy band. That’s fair.

“Glee” Season 5 premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown