glee season 6 cheerleaders back finale hypable 'Glee' Season 6: Is the evil Cheerios gang back at McKinley?

Pictures of Dianna Agron, Heather Morris and Naya Rivera surfaced on E! News as filming for the upcoming final season of “Glee” progressed. 
While this is exciting all in itself, what’s making Hypable give a little yelp is that the girls are all decked out in Cheerio outfits.

We can see from the photos that the former Cheerios aren’t in typical WMHS cheerleader garb. Instead, they are in red pleated skirts with what appears to be tied up red t-shirts that say “Cheerios Alum” on the back. 

There’s no word yet on what the girls are doing back at McKinley, but they seem to be leading the marching band out on the football field. Are they back for a high school reunion? Or are they just missing the glory days and maybe want to show up some of the underclassmen? 
Lea Michele and Chord Overstreet were also snapped on set together today at what appears to be a football game. Plus, the cast has been all over Instagram with photos of the whole gang back together and even teasing some ships. More pictures are bound to emerge over the next couple months and it is already making us anxious for 2015.
What do you think of the girls back in uniform?

“Glee” is set to return for its final season in 2015.
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