lea michele idina menzel 320 'Glee': Shelby adopts Quinn's baby but doesn't want to be in Rachel's life?I’m confused.

Was the adoption of Quinn‘s baby by Shelby Corcoran — also known as Rachel‘s biological mom — supposed to be a touching moment on Tuesday’s (June 8) season finale of “Glee”?
Because I’m kind of annoyed with her. 
I mean, it’s definitely cool that she decided to give the little infant a loving home, but I’d feel a lot more confident in her ability to actually love had she not blown off her very own biological daughter just a few scenes before that. 
So Rachel isn’t fresh-out-of-the-oven. So what?! 
She’s your kid. She’s begging you to be a part of her life and you’re like, ehh, I need a brand new model??
Why can’t you have both girls in your world? 
What is your problem? 
Do you not see that, at 16, Rachel still needs you? 
To be able to ignore that just makes Shelby Corcoran seem very cold and undeserving of another child.
Agreed? Or no?
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Photo credit:  Broadway.com

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh