glee finn rachel 'Glee' spoilers: Does Rachel say yes or no to Finn's proposal?Warning: You might not want to read any further if you don’t want to hear some theories about Rachel and Finn’s future on “Glee.” So skedaddle, spoiler-phobics! (Even though we kind of warned you in the headline.)

Okay, still here? Good.

As you’ll recall, Finn proposed to Rachel in the surprise ending to the “Yes/No” episode “Glee,” in which Mr. Schuester spent the hour figuring out the perfect way to propose to Emma. Apparently Will’s best man was inspired, because he asked his girlfriend to marry him too, even though the pair are still seniors in high school.

Rachel didn’t answer, and from the promos for the next new episode, it doesn’t look like she makes her decision right away. But a new photo has surfaced that could tell us the answer. As posted on PerezHilton, a paparazzi shot of Lea Michele walking to her trailer after filming a “Glee” scene features the actress with an engagement ring on the appropriate finger.

While this is all speculation, it appears that she says yes! Perez has a theory that we totally agree with, too: The reason Rachel’s dads are in the picture now is because Finn goes to them to ask their permission to marry their daughter. Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell filmed their first scenes on Jan. 19, and will reportedly appear first in the Valentine’s Day episode.

Perfect timing, huh? What do you think of the theory? Should she say yes?

Posted by:Jean Bentley