glee paley panel 'Glee' spoilers: Hookups, breakups, and Season 3 dish    plus, who's not dying?Zap2it was on the scene when the “Glee” cast and creators were honored at PaleyFest for the second year in a row, and the night was a Gleek’s dream as everyone teased what’s to come in the final six episodes of the season… and what we can expect from Season 3. If you couldn’t make it out to Los Angeles to meet the Glee club in person, never fear! We’ve got all you need to know right here.

All the Prom details:
Next to Nationals, Prom is on everyone’s mind. Quinn is determined to use Finn to get the coveted Prom Queen crown, but the McKinley High QB may catch onto her agenda sooner than we think. “I think he’s gonna wise up to that at some point and maybe that’ll send him back in the other direction,” Cory Monteith told us. The other direction he’s referring to? Rachel, of course! Executive producer Ryan Murphy promises that the Finn/Quinn/Rachel triangle will be a “huge” storyline as we move toward the finale.

Though McKinley beat Blaine, Kurt, and the Dalton Warblers at Regionals, the Warblers and the New Directions remain friends — so much so that the Warblers will be performing at the prom! Murphy says that Kurt and Blaine will definitely have some prom obstacles to overcome in a “ripped-from-the-headlines” story. “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?”

Though prom isn’t really Tina Cohen-Chang’s thing, Jenna Ushkowitz expects she’ll go as a favor to her boyfriend, Mike Chang. “I also think she’d like to make a big fashion statement there, so I’m very excited for a prom episode because my dress will be crazy,” she says.

Headed for a break-up: Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) will appear in one more episode this season, where her relationship with Will (Matt Morrison) will heat up… and cool off. “She’s kind of a flighty character, so that’s only going to last as long as she can have it last,” Morrison says. Luckily, this leaves much more room for Emma and Will to get back together. Morrison says their love story will be “pumped up” before the season final.

Flying solo: Though the majority of the viewers are rooting for Brittany and Santana to ditch their dudes and hook up with each other, that won’t be happening any time soon. Just as it took Kurt some time to come to terms with his sexuality, Santana has a long journey before she’s ready for a relationship. The show will explore what it’s like for her to be a lesbian in high school in Ohio on her own before it’ll explore what it’s like for her to be part of a lesbian couple.

Time for a transfer: Kurt has been bully-free at Dalton Academy, but before Nationals he’ll return to New Directions and McKinley High School. Blaine won’t be joining him — they’re going to give the long distance thing a shot.

Who’s dying? Contrary to the rumors, Kurt doesn’t return to McKinley following the death of his bully, Karofsky. Though there is a “Glee” death coming up, Murphy tells us that it’s not Karofsky who bites the dust. The powers-that-be haven’t decided yet how Karofsky’s storyline will end — they are considering reforming him, though.

Get ready for more Cheno! The success of the original songs from Regionals has inspired the “Glee” team to write more original numbers. First up? Executive producer Ian Brennan wrote a song called “It’s 10 AM and I’m Drunk,” which will be performed by none other than Kristen Chenoweth! April’s all-white production of “The Wiz” tanked (shocking) and she’s back in Lima and down on her luck.

Teary Tina:
Ushkowitz dishes that her character goes through some struggles in the next few episodes. “The writers love to see Tina cry a lot. She loves to cry. She’s just a sensitive, emotional teenager,” she says. “There’s more coming up. She will cry more. It’s just kind of an emotional rollercoaster for Tina right now as she figures out who she is and where she fits in.” She assures us that the tears aren’t Mike Chang-related. The couple continues to be supportive of each other… at least through episode 22.

Where’s baby Quick? The mentions of Puck and Quinn’s biological daughter are few and far between, but the creators assure us that Beth is “living happily with her mom, Shelby, in New York.”

The return of Charice: Our favorite pint-sized vocalist returns as part of Vocal Adrenaline, New Directions’ greatest competition at Nationals. Vocal Adrenaline is heavily featured in the final 6 episodes, so you can expect plenty of Charice (and Cheyenne Jackson).

“Rumors” rumors are true: “Glee” is planning to construct a full episode around the classic Fleetwood Mac album “Rumors,” with Stevie Nicks’ full support. It’s likely we won’t see this one until Season 3, but Murphy says that it definitively will happen. “We’re getting a ‘Rumors’ episode,” he says firmly.

Love for Mercedes (no, not tots): Though Mercedes’ love affair with tater tots has been awe-inspiring, Murphy assures us that next season, Mercedes will have a love interest. In fact, the “Glee” reality show, centered around finding the perfect new cast member for the show, is where we’ll meet Mercedes’ match. “We’re shooting that now,” Murphy says, “and one of the things always in the back of my mind is, ‘How would that guy be with Amber’?”

O Captain, My Captain: With all the drunken phone calls and love triangles going on, it’s easy to forget that Emma and Will are educators. Murphy says that the end of the season will include a storyline centered around the fact that teachers often have to sacrifice their own dreams out of loyalty to their students.

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