glee harry shum jr gq 550 'Glee' star Harry Shum Jr. models winter clothes in GQ, is hotAlthough Harry Shum Jr. didn’t get his starring number on “Glee” until the Season 3 episode “Asian F,” fans of the show have long been aware of the majestic dancing skills of the man formerly known as “Other Asian.”

First hired as a dancer in season 1, it took Shum two seasons of insane moves (seriously, how does he do that?!) to become a series regular. But with his his song and dance to the “West Side Story” classic “Cool,” the man otherwise known as Mike Chang proved once and for all that he deserves his spot on the New Directions roster.
In the latest issue of GQ, though, Shum confesses that he’s actually quite shy and prefers a role on the sidelines. “I’d rather dance in a corner than dance in a circle,” he tells the magazine. Thankfully for us, his time as a backup dancer for Beyonce and a silhouette in those iconic iPod ads have seemingly cured him of that affliction.
And now, for no apparent reason other than looking at photos of hot guys in well-fitting suits is one of the greatest workday pastimes the Internet has afforded us, check out a gallery of Shum modeling the finest grey flannel suits fashion has to offer. And if fully suited up photos aren’t your thing, keep clicking — the abs make an appearance in slide 12. (You’re welcome.)
Posted by:Jean Bentley