glee journey medley season finale 320 'Glee': Sue Sylvester has a heart, buys New Directions another yearAs we previously hinted, New Directions was not successful in its attempt to take Vocal Adrenaline down during Tuesday’s (June 8) “Glee” finale. 

Korbi TV was on set as they filmed said finale, and the one “fake take” they did of New Directions winning was so over-the-top, it including Kevin McHale (Artie) jumping out of his wheelchair with joy. 
So, yeah, we knew Jesse St. Sexy and his crew were probably going to take the top prize.

But we didn’t expect New Directions to come in third. Behind Oral Intensity?! (snicker)

Still, we’re okay with it. 

While it will be more compelling to watch the kids struggle to get their confidence back next season, hungry for one more shot at that elusive Regionals trophy, we’re thinking that the “Glee” writers had another reason for maintaining the New Directions’ underdog status: Sue Sylvester.

Who would’ve expected the award-winning Cheerios coach to be an advocate for ND in the judges’ chambers? Did you hear her actually stand up for McKinley’s glee kids and make comments about education and talent that sounded like they came from a sane person’s mouth? 

And then she freaking voted for New Directions to win!

Is Sue Sylvester, in fact, a sensitive, sweet person?

She then threw us for another loop, forcing her hand with Figgins and buying ND one more school year together. 

Sure, she said it was simply for her amusement — being able to make fun of Will’s hair and remind him of what a failure he is every day — but we’re so on to this Sylvester lady.

She likes the glee kids. 
And Schue.
You guys cool with that? And everything else that went down?  

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Photo credit: FOX

Posted by:Marisa Roffman