glee 407 dynamic duets superhero names game fox 'Glee' superheroes: Match the characters and their alter egos from 'Dynamic Duets'

This week’s “Glee” episode, “Dynamic Duets,” sees most of the show’s cast taking on the persona of a superhero. These aren’t familiar superheroes, mind you — that would be copyright infringement, as one character notes early in the episode. Instead, we get to see true alter-egos.

There isn’t much of a reason for these superheroes, and the story of “Dynamic Duets” could proceed without them. But costumes are a lot of fun. Plus, it’s always good to see small acts of heroism follow when someone decides that they have power.

Keeping in mind that each character chooses his or her own superhero persona and that the costumed character is meant to exemplify a character trait, see if you can match the “Glee” character to the hero name.

The answers will be in this week’s recap of “Dynamic Duets.” Note: Two of the characters choose the same superhero name. That’s why there is a repeat.


1. Marley
2. Sugar
3. Jake
4. Tina
5. Brittany
6. Becky
7. Coach Bieste
8. Sam
9. Blaine
10. Finn
11. Kitty
12. Ryder
13. Artie


a. Sweet and Spicy
b. The Human Brain
c. Nightbird
d. Mega Stud
e. The Almighty Treble Clef
f. Woman Fierce
g. Queen Bee
h. Asian Persuasion
i. Beast Master
j. Dr. Y
k. Mega Stud
l. Femme Fatale
m. Blond Chameleon

Want some clues? Maybe this “Glee” preview will help… (Spoiler alert: A few alter-egos are totally given away.) “Dynamic Duets” airs on Thanksgiving evening (Nov 22).

Posted by:Laurel Brown