lea michele chevrolet 'Glee' takes us to 'See the USA' in a ChevroletWhen it comes to song and dance numbers, “Glee” usually tends to think bigger is better. So when Chevrolet’s post Super Bowl spot aired with much of the cast — led by Lea Michele — big and splashy were both expected.

Chevrolet did its job well. During the Super Bowl the car company buttered audiences up with a low-key and rather sweet spot showing a man leaving from a first date and checking his Facebook status through his car. So while the “Glee” spot didn’t disappoint in scale, the clean white set and costumes came off as crisp and fresh, a perfect tonic to the day’s ad fatigue.

It’s unclear if having absent cast members Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith and/or Matthew Morrison there as well could have made it any better or if it would have been gilding the lily.

Posted by:Brill Bundy