glee regionals 314 new directions 'Glee': Teenage suicide, don't do it (and don't text and drive, either)We didn’t exactly go into “Glee’s” big Season 3 regionals competition, “On My Way,” expecting a Very Special Episode, but that’s what we got. We were pretty pleased with the outcome, considering “Glee’s” track record with tackling serious subjects. The cliffhanger ending, on the other hand? Not so pleased.

First, hands down the best part of the episode: Karofsky got outed at his new school by the dude who played Beaver on “Greek” (but he used to be so lovable!), and in a moment of desperation soundtracked by Darren Criss‘ rendition of Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup,” he tried to kill himself.

It seemed really abrupt to bring Karofsky back and have something major happen so quickly, but we did suspect big things were in the works after last week’s episode. Besides, it’s totally understandable that a just-outed macho teenage boy would make such a terrible split-second decision in a moment of desperation.

The tone of the episode was absolutely right — not sticking in racist jokes about curry or homophobic slurs disguised as humor once things got serious was a very smart decision. Sure, it was a little heavy-handed, but this is “Glee” we’re watching, after all. We should expect a little schmaltz with our showtunes.

In Sebastian’s words: “It’s all fun and games, until it’s not.” That’s the way “Glee” handled the suicide plot, and we really appreciated that.

But it’s a shame that what could’ve been a completely successful episode contained one PSA too many. The ongoing teen marriage plotline grated on our nerves, but then the final minutes, when Quinn got in her car to drive to Finn and Rachel’s wedding, we knew something else was up.

Pro tip: When a series never shows its characters in the car, and then one starts driving, something terrible is about to happen. Quinn was texting Rachel on her way to the courthouse wedding when a truck smashed into the side of her car. What’s going to happen to her?! Holy cliffhanger, Batman! “Glee” doesn’t return with new episodes until April 10.

Now, the big question: Will Quinn be okay? Or is there a reason Dianna Agron‘s name hasn’t been included in the list of actors confirmed to be sticking around for Season 4? Also, how long until Rachel makes this whole thing about herself since Quinn was responding to her text at the time of her accident?

A few smaller points: considering the major themes of tonight’s episode, it feels a little weird pointing these out. But we’re gonna do it anyway.

— Did we need two full Warblers songs? Sebastian is no Blaine, that’s for sure.

— Not to nitpick the intricacies of high school choir competitions, but why would a madrigal group compete in a glee club contest?

— Is the weird vampire judge guy “Glee’s” attempt at a Lil Sebastian? (a.k.a. a local phenomenon nobody else gets)

— Is this pregnancy thing Sue Sylvester’s redemption story? A way to make her more sympathetic and more like an actual human being?

So, to sum up tonight’s “Glee” episode, teenage suicide: don’t do it. Teenage marriage: don’t do it. Texting and driving: don’t do it.

What did you think of the episode? The suicide plotline? The cliffhanger? Should Quinn stick around? What about Karofsky?

Posted by:Jean Bentley