glee first time 307 west side story 'Glee': 'The First Time' preview, plus casting intel on Sam's parentsIf you don’t want to know a few key points about Nov. 8th’s episode of “Glee,” you should probably stop reading now.

Although you should be able to guess from the episode title — “The First Time” — what we’re about to say.
Some of your favorite couples are about to get laid. And yes, things get kinda awkward.
While Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) first time shouldn’t cause too much controversy, Chris Colfer tells Entertainment Weekly that he won’t be surprised if angry activist groups get very vocal about Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) losing their virginity to each other. 
“I absolutely expect to hear from them,” he tells EW. “But I think it’s
handled very sweetly and very emotionally…They’re expecting this big,
raunchy, suggestive, brainwashing storyline when really it’s very
Since we’ve seen it, we can confirm that it is, in fact, very sweet.
Also in the ep: the evil new Warbler set on destroying Klaine, Sebastian, is introduced. “I was so
excited that there was something coming up between Kurt and Blaine
besides the puppy-dog love scenes they’ve been in since Season 2,” Colfer tells TVLine. “I was
so excited there was some kind of drama. I got to play Kurt in a
territorial light, which I was excited about. I like Sebastian. I like
his presence.”
If you’re wondering why there are so many “West Side Story” songs this week, it’s because the McKinley High drama club finally stages their production of the musical, starring Rachel and Blaine.
Since you’ve read this far, it’s only fair to reward you with some bonus “Glee” scoop. Not only is Chord Overstreet returning to the show in a coming episode, but we’ll also get to meet his parents. According to TVLine, John Schneider of “Smallville” has been cast to play Sam’s dad, while EW reports that Tanya Clarke of “Guiding Light” will play Sam’s mom. 
Are you excited for “The First Time”?
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