glee first time 307 west side story 'Glee' recap: How was 'The First Time'?

Of course the Parents Television Council took issue with the fact that two separate couples had sex for the first time on Nov. 8’s episode of “Glee.” But aside from the controversy about televising teenagers doing things that many teenagers do, how was “The First Time”?
Though Finn lost his virginity to Santana during Season 2, Rachel, Blaine and Kurt all had sex for the first time ever during the episode. And essentially, it was all because of Artie’s peer pressure. 
He told Rachel and Blaine as they prepared for “West Side Story’s” opening night, “As a friend, I support your strange aversion to fun, but as your director I’m concerned.” Sure, a chuckle-worthy line, but also creepy that he cared so much about his leads being virgins. It really freaked Rachel and Blaine out, and although they ended up doing the deed because they realized they were both in love with their boyfriends, it still felt kind of icky. 
Also icky: Blaine and Kurt’s exchange about traveling South of the Equator and masturbation. Well, maybe not “icky” so much as super, ultra, incredibly awkward to watch. But watching Beiste talking to Artie about being a virgin was definitely icky, and also incredibly weird. The correct response when that topic is somehow improbably broached: “That’s none of yo business.”

“West Side Story” featured hilariously terrible Puerto Rican accents and surprisingly boring renditions of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim’s classic tunes. Although considering McKinley is a school where people seem to hate the performing arts so much, we should really congratulate the drama club for getting enough boys to be a part of the musical. It certainly didn’t happen that way in my town! 
I’m only harsh because “West Side Story” is my favorite musical. And before you get angry, I will happily admit that Lea Michele’s soprano is much more beautiful than the chick Natalie Wood lip-synced to in the movie. One bright side: cutting “One Hand, One Heart” into the scenes of Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine getting it on was pretty sweet. 

Another highlight: Kurt and Blaine running into Karofsky at the gay bar, Scandals. (Blaine: “It’s not very scandalous.”) It’s nice to see him mellowed out and coming to terms with his sexuality, and it’s also nice that Kurt understands his bully’s pain and clearly is trying to forgive him for all the terrible things that he did. I’d love to see more Karofsky in the future. Maybe when Sebastian ends up breaking Klaine up?
Speaking of Sebastian, I hate him. But I also love him. As much as I love Klaine together, it’s about time they faced an obstacle in their relationship. I think he’ll shake things up nicely before heading out of town, presumably to host more slow-mo dance battles at his next fancy private school. What, they weren’t part of your high school experience?
Bonus aww of the night: When Finn sweetly acknowledged his relationship with Kurt while discussing the class president race. “Kurt’s my brother. It’s kind of hard to vote against your brother.”
Random sad moment of the night: When Mike Chang’s dad disowned him for staying in the drama club. Not Mike Chang!
So, what did you think of the episode? Was it everything you hoped “The First Time” would be?
Posted by:Jean Bentley