glee britney spears episode lea michele the only exception 320 'Glee': 'The Only Exception' for Rachel is FinnOur fears about the Britney Spears “Glee” tribute episode were averted, thanks to some time focusing on storytelling to balance out the big numbers.

Most of the non-Britney plots were about love — unrequited on the parts of Will (Matthew Morrison) and Artie (Kevin McHale), but blossoming for Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith).

Spoilers, y’all.

We’ve known from Day 1 that Rachel is controlling, and after a disastrous ultimatum, trying to get Finn to quit the football team when he’s just rejoined, she tempts him with Quinn (Dianna Agron), whom he very firmly turns down. Rachel is a little insecure obviously when it comes to dating.

So it’s just the perfect note to end a showy “Glee” episode with a really sweet and emotional moment, bringing home the heart of what the show is about with a non-Britney song (but hey, you can still vote for your favorite “Glee” cover of Britney in our poll).

Rachel apologizes to Finn with Paramore’s “The Only Exception” and makes us feel all warm and sniffly (and not just because Michele is a champion singer-crier). Maybe we’ll be hearing this at some weddings in the future?

“Glee,” this is why we love you.

Here’s the original version by Paramore:

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen