glee tina mike chang sing duets clip 320 'Glee': Tina and Mike Chang 'Sing!' homage to 'A Chorus Line'Okay, so wow. The “Glee” episode “Duets” finally gave Mike Chang his breakout moment, and it was worth waiting for.

“Glee” explains Mike Chang’s previous silence by making him shy, afraid to do anything other than dance. We agree with Tina that “A Chorus Line’s” “Sing!” is the perfect choice for them. Not only does it address why Mike Chang never really sang front and center before, but it showcases Harry Shum‘s dance and comedic abilities beautifully.

We’ve known that he admires Hollywood legend Gene Kelly, and it’s easy to see that influence in Shum’s work. More of this please!

Oh, and we totally support Shum “Bringing Sexy Back” a la Justin Timberlake.

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Photo credit: FOX

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen