Gleeks greedy for any glimpse, any nugget of information about “Glee” got a treat from Cory Monteith Wednesday (March 10).

The actor who plays Finn on the hit FOX show tweeted out a picture with only one word of explanation, “amaze.”

What could be worthy of such praise? Why, a picture of co-star Chris Colfer with his character’s name all in lights, of course!

kurt glee chris colfer amaze large 'Glee' Twitipic of the Week: Chris Colfer's Kurt is 'amaze'dIt’s not clear whether this shot is part of an episode or not. FOX has been keeping a lockdown on official info and pics from the upcoming episodes. Industrious fans have been able to find leaked info, the veracity of which will be confirmed once the show resumes its first season On Tuesday, April 13.

Are you amazed?

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Photo credit: Cory Monteith

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen