The cast of “Glee” is about the hottest thing on FOX this upcoming season, cast member Cory Monteith would have you believe.

The Los Angeles area has been enduring record-breaking heat for the past week, and working in a studio only offers a little bit of respite.

Working on “Glee,” while no doubt wonderful, can take its toll though. Performing a dance over and over under hot lights has to be stifling at times.

Monteith, who plays football player/show choir member Finn Hudson, tweeted this photo late Thursday night (Aug. 26): “today on set, Glee died by the AC hose.”

glee cast hot twitipic 350 'Glee' twitpic: The cast is so hot, it's deadlyYes, that huge yellow corrugated tube is what the studios use to funnel in air to cool sets that are lit by hot lights. Since each of the cast members are wearing similar outfits — a combination of white and denim with black chucks — it’s likely the cast was rehearsing or filming a musical number.

How many of them can you identify? Wow, it really does sound like corpses!

Unfortunately, the forecast for the following week will be just as warm. Whew! Stay cool, Gleeks.

“Glee’s” hot cast returns to FOX for its second season premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

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Photo credit: Cory Monteith/Yfrog

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen