Now that Sectionals have ended, “Glee” only has to deal with the aftermath in “Swan Song.” Did New Directions win? Did Marley survive her finale faint? What could possibly be left to sing about.

“Glee” videos have the answers to some of these questions.

Based on these videos, what do we know about “Swan Song”?

  • Evil Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), randomly bent on the destruction of the glee club, is back. Wonder what set her off this time?
  • Even though Will (Matthew Morrison) seems to be back in town, Finn (Cory Monteith) is still the driving force behind New Directions. 
  • Rachel (Lea Michele) and Cassandra (Kate Hudson) are coming to a head in their ongoing feud.
  • Kurt (Chris Colfer) gets a chance to try out for NYADA and the great Carmen (guest star Whoopi Goldberg).

Want a few more specifics? Scenes from “Swan Song” itself may have those for you.

The first video shows the main confrontation between Finn and Sue Sylvester. It involves dystopian levels of repression and destruction. Because that’s how Sue rolls.

SPOILER ALERT: An offhand comment from Sue reveals the outcome of New Directions’ performance at Sectionals. Only watch this if you are prepared to be spoiled.

There is, as is so often the case when Sue vents her wrath, the question over whether any of this could ever be condoned or legal in reality. That would be a no.

The next video doesn’t exactly return “Glee” to reality. In it, Rachel and Kurt discuss the elusive “golden ticket” to a NYADA showcase. It would seem that this showcase essentially determines whether or not you are a worthy human being.

So of course Rachel gets one.

The final video has only a hint of reality in it, but at least this is the musical kind of imagination and therefore is better: Rachel and Cassandra perform “All That Jazz.”

“Swan Song” airs on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 9pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown