thursday robin williams greys anatomy glee michael j fox 'Glee' vs 'Grey's Anatomy,' Michael J. Fox vs. Robin Williams: Get the most out of busy Thursday TV

Premiere week is here, and that means Thursdays are about to get busy again.

The only things that make Thursday easier than most are a few delayed premieres. For the moment, The CW is in reruns — watch out for “The Vampire Diaries” and “Reign” to debut soon. Also, ABC is holding “Scandal” for next week, while there are a handful of comedies pushed to make way for double episodes of others.

Basically, this will all get worse next week. Be prepared.

8 o’clock

“Parks and Recreation”(NBC) – The excellent (albeit low-rated) comedy is pulling out all the stops in its double-episode premiere. Most of the Pawnee gang will be traveling to London, where Heidi Klum makes an appearance. Meanwhile, back in Pawnee, find out about Ron’s impending fatherhood (with guest star Lucy Lawless) and find out what Henry Winkler is doing on the show.

“The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) – In a double episode, Penny and Sheldon spend some quality time together. This will cause trouble when Leonard returns home. Regina King guest-stars in this double-episode premiere.

“The X Factor” (FOX) – Unless you’re a huge fan, further auditions from the singing competition probably aren’t a big deal. Besides, everything you need to know about the night will be online within hours.

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” (ABC) – This is a repeat of Tuesday night’s episode. If you haven’t watched yet, the premiere is available online and on-demand.

9 o’clock

“Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) – Are Callie and Arizona done? Who will live and who will die? “Grey’s Anatomy” never scrimps on the high drama, and this premiere needs two hours to cover everything. Make sure you watch at least the first half live so as not to be spoiled.

Record 1
“Glee” (FOX) – If you’re a fan of the singing on “Glee” — or a fan of the Beatles — this is going to be a big premiere for you. Additional highlights include the musical reunion of Kurt and Blaine, plus the results of Rachel’s “Funny Girl” audition.

Record 2
“The Crazy Ones” at 9 p.m. (CBS) and “The Michael J. Fox Show” at 9:30 p.m. (NBC) – It’s kind of an impossible choice between “The Crazy Ones” (starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar) and “The Michael J. Fox Show” at 9 p.m. The only way out of this is to remember that Fox gets a double episode for the premiere — watch the second half hour after giving “The Crazy Ones” a chance in the regular time-slot. This is especially important if you’re a fan of Kelly Clarkson, since she is amazing in her “Crazy Ones” cameo.

“The Michael J. Fox Show” at 9 p.m. (NBC) and “Two and a Half Men” at 9:30 p.m. (CBS) – Both of these will be available online and on-demand. Neither requires live watching. You have more important things than Amber Tamblyn as Charlie’s long-lost daughter. (Note: Nothing against Amber Tamblyn. She’s great.)

10 o’clock

“Parenthood” (NBC) – The Braverman family packs more emotional drama into one hour than most shows manage in a full season. In the premiere, Crosby and Jasmine deal with a newborn, while Hank (guest star Ray Romano) comes back to town.

“Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) – You have to know how it all turns out, right?

“Elementary” (CBS) – Yet another show is traveling to London, this time to meet Mycroft (Rhys Ifans). Normally, this wouldn’t be a “skip” show, but the revelations are unlikely to be quite as dramatic as the competition. Catch this later in other formats.

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