lea michele adam lambert 'Glee' wants 'American Idol': Who else should hop on the 'Glee' train?Guest-starring on “Glee” is the new black. We’ve put together a wish list of guest stars we’d like to see them line up for the spring.

“Glee” star Lea Michele told MTV that she would love to get “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert to guest-star.

Michele compared working with him to “getting to work out at the gym with the best trainer in the world.” We love Adam Lambert, so we fully support that cameo. But who else should drop by William McKinley High School?

Kristen Bell
We know the “Glee” kids are going to encounter other show choirs at sectionals and regionals. We think Kristen would make an excellent bitchy soloist from a rival high school. Did you hear her sing on “Veronica Mars?” If not, check it out below.

Amanda Seyfried

Speaking of “Veronica Mars,” Amanda Seyfried played the young lead in “Mamma Mia” and did a respectable job on all those ABBA numbers. Since she’s so good at playing bitchy, we’re thinking Quinn Fabray’s older sister.

Eddie Murphy
Hold on, let us explain. Eddie Murphy can sing. We are old enough to remember “Party all the Time” with Rick James (below, if you are unfamiliar). Plus lately he’s been all about doing kid-friendly fare. We think he should guest-star as Mercedes’ father and show off his vocal stylings.

Neil Patrick Harris
Before he gets over-exposed (is it already too late?), we want to see him on “Glee.”  We don’t care what he does. He could appear as himself. He could drop by as Barney Stinson. He could sit at a computer and sing-type into his Doogie journal. We don’t care. Just bring on the NPH.

alyssa milano 'Glee' wants 'American Idol': Who else should hop on the 'Glee' train?Alyssa Milano
Did you know Alyssa Milano sings? We didn’t either until we found these albums on Amazon. Apparently she’s big in Japan. It’s too bad they’ve already established Rachel Barry is an only child because talk about separated at birth.

What about you guys? Any guest-star dreams for “Glee?” And wouldn’t Adam Lambert seriously be great? Make it happen, Lea Michele!

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