kathypalin2 'Glee': Was Kathy Griffin totally wasted?“Before we start I would like to say that I am not a witch,” says Kathy Griffin in her debut “Glee” cameo.

Griffin is quite possibly one of the funniest women on Earth. So, we were of course, a little bummed to see that she only made it to the screen for about 90 seconds total of “Original Song.”

Sure, the show is about the “Glee”-tastic songs and Quinn/Finn/Rachel and Blurt, but when a resource like Kathy Griffin comes along, don’t squander it. She should have at least been given the opportunity to sing.

Still, she made the most of her short time on screen playing a Sarah Palin-esque politician. Or, to be specific, Tammy Jean Albertson — “Twitterer and former Tea Party candidate” — who was brought in to judge regionals along with a nun who was quite possibly a stripper and Rod Remington, professional gadabout.

Griffin’s character was clearly anti-gay — which may have had something to do with the Warblers loss, despite an amazing duet from Kurt and Blaine.

“Boys shouldn’t do a duet,” she says. “The last thing we need to do is send a message to children that gay is okay.”

She wasn’t firmly in New Directions’ corner, either. In fact, she seemed to take “Loser Like Me” a tad personally, saying, “When I lost my last election, I didn’t go around singing about being a loser, I twittered about Obama being a terrorist.”

Last week, in lines that could have been pulled from this week’s script, the real Palin reacted to news of Griffin’s casting by calling the comedian a “50-year-old adult bully.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson