Britney Spears didn’t have to sing and dance in her “Glee” tribute episode, but if you watched closely, you got to see her, and if you were on Twitter, you got to read her comments.

The pop star appeared in at least three cameos that we could catch, and then she live-tweeted the “Britney/Brittany” episode on West Coast time Tuesday night (Sept. 28).

In the first clip above, she meets her New Directions counterpart Brittany (Heather Morris) in a dental, drug-induced fantasy sequence. How weird is it that Britney is talking to Brittany about her breath?

britney spears twiiterpic large 'Glee': Watch Britney Spears' cameos, read her tweetsBefore getting into the other cameos (or you can just skip to the end of the post), here are the tweets that Spears posted while watching “Glee”:

  • “Awww Heather Morris is sooo cute!  Brittany S Pearce.  Ha!  She was so fun to work with and was really sweet in person.”
  • “John Stamos is still hot!  He looks the same as he did on Full House.”
  • “I like Kurt’s bow tie. Bow ties are sexy…”
  • “I hate anesthesia!”
  • “Slave: Oh…My…God…!”
  • “I know how hard it is to dance with that snake!  Nice job….”
  • “The Me Against The Music set looks just like the original.  Santana does a great Madonna impression.”
  • “Watching Baby brings back so many memories!  Feels like yesterday….”
  • “That’s a serious afro ya’ll!”
  • “Kurt wears some pretty fabulous outfits.”
  • “Jane Lynch scares me.”
  • “I love this version of Stronger.  Artie did a great job.”
  • “The GLEE version of Toxic is amazing!”
  • “Jane Lynch is hilarious and scary all rolled into one.”
  • “Rachel has a beautiful voice.”
  • “I loved it!  Thank you guys SO much for making this happen!”

Okay, as promised here’s Spears’ second cameo — in which she wears a Cheerios uniform and lets the kids in on a great pizza topping:

And finally, our favorite one, for “Baby One More Time”:

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Photo credit: FOX

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen