glee 300 mercedes santana brittany 'Glee': Watch the Adele 'Rumor Has It'/'Someone Like You' MashupWhen Zap2it visited the “Glee” set recently to watch the cast film the show’s 300th musical performance, we warned you that you wouldn’t be able to get the song(s) out of your head.

Now you can see for yourself exactly what we were talking about! “Glee” released the video of the performance of its amazing Adele mashup, featuring Mercedes and Santana singing their hearts out to “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You.”
As we mentioned previously, the song comes from the new, all-female glee club the Troubletones, not New Directions.
There’s not much else we can say about something so flawless, except for the fact that Heather Morris‘ dancing is amazing, and there’s some crazy Santana-Brittany tension. You should probably just watch it.

Posted by:Jean Bentley