glee first time 307 west side story 'Glee': 'West Side Story' and the Warblers in 'The First Time' songs

Considering Tuesday’s (Nov. 8) episode of “Glee” sees the McKinley High drama club finally mount their Rachel-starring production of “West Side Story,” it shouldn’t be surprising that the majority of tunes from “The First Time” come from the iconic musical.
Lea Michele and Darren Criss’ duet of “One Hand, One Heart” (as Rachel and Blaine playing Maria and Tony) is particularly lovely, as is their take on “Tonight.” The duet between Santana (Naya Rivera) and Rachel on “A Boy Like That” is also completely acceptable. (Nothing special, right? Or are you hearing something we’re not?)
But even though those three songs are gorgeously sung, we’re kind of obsessed with the cast’s fake Puerto Rican accents on “America.” (“A-merrr-eeee-caaaa” sounds so different coming from a bunch of white-bread Ohio high schoolers.) It’s not the most rousing version of the song we’ve ever heard, but it’s certainly the best one we’ll hear on a primetime high school comedy.
“The First Time” also marks the debut of the new Klaine-endangering character Sebastian (Grant Gustin), and the return of none other than (fanfare, please) The Warblers! Our favorite blazer-sporting group of guys is back with a pretty faithful version of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.”

Listen below:

For high-quality audio, head to the Glee The Music page for “The First Time.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley