glee kurt gelfling 'Glee': What's a gelfling?Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) delivers some zingers on “Glee,” but we have to hand it to her for the best obscure pop culture reference on Tuesday’s (Nov. 23) episode.

On “Furt,” Kurt (Chris Colfer)goes to Sue, still in the capacity of principal, to explaing about the bullying he’s been enduring at school. As he leaves the office, he points out that Sue’s calling him “Lady” is just another form of bullying.

She agrees and gives him three alternate nicknames to choose from: “Gelfling, Porcelain or Tickle-Me Dough Face.” Sadly, he picks the middle one.

Oh, Kurt, you totally missed out. Gelflings are hella cool, and — what, you don’t know what a gelfling is?

Okay, Gelfling 101: Gelflings are these very fey types of creatures featured in the 1982 Jim Henson fantasy classic “The Dark Crystal.” They’re slender and have somewhat protracted features. If you haven’t seen “The Dark Crystal” yet, try it out for the holidays. It’s all about a hero’s journey and can get pretty dark in a good way.

Just like Kurt, gelflings aren’t as fragile and helpless as they may seem. There’s actually a lot more about gelflings, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Here’s the original theatrical trailer and a couple clips. You decide: Does Kurt look like a gelfling?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen