glee dc blaine 'Glee': What's next on Darren Criss' song list?It’s no secret that Darren Criss’ Blaine is the new fan favorite on “Glee”. In fact, he kind of slaughtered fellow newbie Chord Overstreet in our poll for the best new kid and he seems to have a Midas touch (or um, voice) as every song he sings turns to gold. We’re pretty sure he could sing the phone book and people would still buy it on iTunes.

Luckily, fans won’t have to listen to that. In an interview with Rolling Stone, “Glee’s” creator Ryan Murphy says Criss will sing a cover of Maroon 5’s “Misery” with the Warblers. “I’m friendly with Adam Levine, and he texted me saying, ‘I
think it’s time we get Maroon 5 on ‘Glee.” I said, ‘I agree, I
think it’d be great,” explains Murphy. “I love that song, I love Adam’s performance on
that song, so we’re doing that in an upcoming spring episode”

Murphy also touches upon how the song will factor into Blaine’s relationship with Kurt (Chris Colfer). “We haven’t written the script, so I don’t know if it will be
romantic or not. Darren has certainly blown up and become really sought
after, and I love his interpretations of a lot of things,” he says. “I thought his
voice and Adam’s voice would fit each other well and indeed, they do.
I like that the a cappella group can do all sorts of music, including
rock, but I don’t know what the story is going to be yet.”

If that’s not enough Blaine/Kurt goodness for you, this next one should do the trick. Fans of Blaine and Kurt’s Christmas duet “Baby It’s Cold Outside” will be happy to know the (hopefully) soon-to-be couple have another duet in the works for the biggest episode of the season — the Feb. 6 Super Bowl episode. Movieline reports that the duo will sing Destiny’s Child “Bills Bills Bills”.

So how does Criss feel about a Kurt and Blaine romance? In an interview with Rolling Stone he expressed his hesitations. “Well I think a lot of people want to see Kurt with someone and I do
too, but I think the most important thing about that is to introduce a
support system ’cause up until this point Kurt really hasn’t had
another gay teen male to relate to,” he answers while singing
(Seriously. He’s flawless.)  “I think if we’re going to approach a
really big subject like gay teen youth, you got to take it in little
steps. So if they’re going to have a romantic relationship, I hope it’s
earned, I hope it’s sincere, I hope we can make it right for the story
and not really be a cheap thrill for people who want to see that stuff.”

Check out Criss’ singing interview here:

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