jayma mays glee 320 'Glee': When will Emma Pillsbury give it up?What a lady does behind closed doors is her own business. So much so that we even feel a little dirty writing about this.

But Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) is a grown woman whom we assume all “Glee” fans were rooting for Tuesday night — when she attempted to act on her inner Madonna — and it’s clear that she wants to lose “The Big V,” as Finn calls it. She just simply isn’t ready.

So, when will it happen?

Korbi TV‘s official bet is before the end of the season. 
But several things have to happen first.
Will (Matthew Morrison) has to bang Idina Menzel‘s character — you know, just to get it out of his system — finalize his divorce from Terri and enter into a committed relationship with our girl. And our girl’s got to log several hundreds of hours in therapy.
So, okay, maybe not before the end of the season.
We’ve confused ourselves.
What do you think?
When will Emma give it up?
And should it definitely be to Mr. Schue?
Weigh in in the comments section…
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh