jessalyn gilsig getty 320 'Glee': Where is Terri?Will Schuester is a slut, people.

A slut! 
And everyone knows it. 
But no one better than his ex, Terri.

Okay, fine, so maybe he’s not nearly as bad as his new reputation suggests, but has Terri taken off because she doesn’t want to sit and watch while he figures it out?

After all, the soon-to-be former Mrs. Schue has been MIA onscreen since she dropped by the house they once shared to grab her Bruckheimer DVDs. 

So where’s she at?

“Terri’s off nursing her wounds,” Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri) tells Korbi TV. “She comes back though.”

But when Terri returns, she may not be the same psychotic troublemaker we’ve come to know.

“Terri, actually, in a funny way — well maybe she does get into trouble — [but] she grows a lot,” Gilsig says. “She makes this new friendship and through it she kind of learns to treat people better.”

So Terri’s going to be nice to everybody now?

“What’s so great is Howard Bamboo is back and I don’t think [Terri]’ll ever treat him better,” Gilsig laughs. “He’s just a joy to abuse. Everybody has to have that whipping boy. But she is trying to evolve and learn from her mistakes and what happened with Will, and it’s been cool to challenge her with that, because it doesn’t come naturally.”

But will that niceness extend to Emma? 

Posted by:Marisa Roffman