monteith michele morrison lynch 320 'Glee': You Ask, I Answer on Emma's virginity, Santana trying to sex up Finn and moreThoughts on Tuesday’s “Glee” opener? You guys like? 

To celebrate it’s return, Korbi TV is answering some of your queries…

I can’t believe Emma’s a virgin!! Well, I guess I can. When will she lose it? -KT
Madonna will inspire Miss Emma to proposition Will next week. And he accepts. Whether they go through with it, however, I won’t say.
Will Schuester!! You man whore!! How could he cheat on Emma like that? -Pauline
Good thing they broke it off, because — as I mentioned during our live “Glee” chat Tuesday night — Kristin Chenoweth‘s April will be jumping into bed with Will soon too.

I’m glad Finn didn’t sleep with Santana and Brittany. He belongs with Rachel. -Melissa
Wait ’til next week. Santana will drop Brittany like dead weight and go after Finn’s virginity with full force.
I was excited to see Jason from “So You Think You Can Dance” in the premiere. I read your article that said he would be part of Vocal Adrenaline so I had my eyes peeled, thanks! -Jen
And next week, you’ll be treated to another “SYTYCD” alum on “Glee”: Nathan Trasoras. You remember, the kid who was always crying last season!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James. Is he going to stick around. -Kelly
Oh, Jesse St. Sexy ain’t going anywhere. He pulls a major move next Tuesday, I think you be surprised… as well as pleased.
Any Kurt (Chris Colfer) scoop? -Morgann
Besides the fact that he’s trying to get his dad and Finn’s mom together, so he and Finn can live under the same roof? Let’s see, he and Mercedes are joining The Cheerios. And it won’t be a one-episode sort of deal, they’re doin’ this thing.
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