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The Neil Patrick Harris/Joss Whedon “Glee” episode is almost here. I feel like we’ve been waiting forever. Have you seen it? Do you think it’s good? -Devin
Yes. NPH is great in everything he tackles, as far as I’m concerned — check out a clip of him on the show, playing Schue’s high school nemesis — but the highlight of the hour is actually the Artie-Tina storyline. It’s pretty intense and kind of heartbreaking. Artie’s definitely going through a hard time. Thankfully, he has the love of a good woman to keep his spirits up. With Tina’s encouragement, he will start thinking about the possibility of maybe getting out of the wheelchair one day. That positive attitude will lead to a fantasy sequence in which Artie not only walks, but shows off Kevin McHale‘s impressive dance skills. In a mall. It’s kind of awesome.
What is Molly Shannon doing on “Glee” in the episode that Joss Whedon directed? -Katherine
I believe she’s only in one short scene, but she will put some very Molly Shannon-esque stuff on display. If you’re a fan of hers, you’ll get a good little laugh. Oh, and her hilarious “Kath & Kim” costar, John Michael Higgins — whom you may also remember as Jennifer Aniston‘s sing-songy brother in “The Break-Up” — makes a great cameo as well.
I need Jesse St. Sexy scoop, Korbi! Will we ever see him again? -Mel
Oh, yeah. St. Sexy returns this Tuesday (May 18) and he will forgive Rachel for the “Run, Joey, Run” debacle. In fact, he comes back even sweeter than before and so very supportive of Rachel’s desire to find her mother. 
Just remember, as executive producer Ryan Murphy told us, the kid does have an agenda. Be prepared for a huge reveal this week, in which Jesse is involved. His true intentions will finally become clear.
Did Jesse St. James go back to Vocal Adrenaline after breaking up with Rachel? -Natalie
No, apparently he was just on Spring Break last Tuesday… sort of weird how he was the only one, but whatever. He’s still in New Directions. By the season finale, however, the situation will change.  
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