amber-riley-faints-on-red-carpet.jpg“Glee” star Amber Riley fainted on the red carpet Tuesday night, but she suffered no ill effects from the incident.

Riley and her co-stars were at a television academy event celebrating “Glee’s” third season when she collapsed in front of photographers. She recovered quickly, however, and soon after was making jokes inside the theater.

Following the event, she tweeted that she “got a little dizzy” from the flashbulbs. “You’d think I’d be used to it by now, still a red carpet amateur I guess,” she writes. “Gonna get checked out but I feel fine. Thank you for all the concern and well wishes.”

She also thanked the photographers for not taking pictures of her fall — “could have been super embarrassing,” she writes — and on Wednesday morning, took to Twitter again to address rumors about why she fainted.

“Lol. Let me stop the rumor mill right now,” she writes. “I’m not pregnant! Yes I’m black but I don’t have diabetes, I don’t starve myself to fit clothes; I buy clothes to fit ME not vice versa, I DO NOT DIET; I eat right and exercise! I love myself waaaay more than I like my career. I would never ever put myself in harm’s way to mirror any “image”. Come on ppl. Get a life. I did get a great laugh this morning reading all the BS though.”

Glad to hear she’s doing fine.

Posted by:Rick Porter