glee darren chris 'Glee's' Chris Colfer on Kurt's return to New Directions, plus: Will Kurt and Blaine be prom kings?We all breathed a sigh of relief when Kurt and Blaine had their long-anticipated real first kiss in this week’s episode of “Glee.” Zap2it was on the scene at the “Glee” PaleyFest event on Wednesday night when Executive Producer Ryan Murphy assured us that it was the real deal.

“Yes,” he says. “Kurt and Blaine are boyfriends.”

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be all duets and shopping at the Gap from here on out, of course, Executive Producer Brad Falchuk reminds us, “What happens when people start dating? Everything goes bad, right.”

The next major episode for Kurt and Blaine will be the prom episode, which Murphy tells us is inspired by real-life events. “That story is ripped from the headlines,” he says. “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?”

Chris Colfer winces at the thought. “Oh, well then, you know right there.” Though there were rumors that this may be the year McKinley High has two prom kings, it’s sounding increasingly unlikely.

“Here’s the thing,”  Colfer muses. “Would a school actually have two crowns waiting just in case? I know my high school would not.” Of course, Kurt may not object to wearing the Prom Queen tiara. “He does have a collection, doesn’t he,” Colfer laughs.

And yes, by the way, we did say the McKinley High prom. Colfer let slip during the panel discussion that Kurt will be headed back to McKinley High – and the New Directions – before nationals. He’s a little bit sad about leaving behind his new friends, the Dalton Warblers, who he says he’s grown close to in real life.

“I’m going to miss them horribly,” he says, “but I’m glad to be back.”

Despite their competition, Murphy says that the Dalton Warblers and the McKinley New Directions kids are all friends. They’re so close, in fact, that we can expect the Warblers to perform at the prom, with Blaine on lead, no doubt.

Blaine won’t become a McKinley High student, though… at least, not yet. Murphy confirms that in Season 3, Blaine will try out for New Directions. Um, we think he’s pretty much a shoo-in, unless his vocal chords are in a terrible accident over the summer. This is also a good sign for Darren Criss‘ status on the show — he still hasn’t officially been signed as a Season 3 series regular, despite rumors.

In the meantime, the new couple will have to cross county lines to see each other. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right, that’s what they tell me,” Colfer says. “Even if they do go through some bumps in the road, it’ll be very realistic.”

Sound off in the comments section, Gleeks! Are you glad Kurt and Blaine are official, or were you holding out hope for another outcome? Do you think Blaine will make a good New Directions member, or will he upstage them all? How will our boys fare at the prom?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie