chris colfer glee kurt 320 'Glee's' Chris Colfer on the Lady Gaga episode: Get ready to cryThe Lady Gaga episode of “Glee” is here and we could be in for a good cry, Chris Colfer warns.

The much-talked about hour, titled “Theatricality,” airs this Tuesday (May 25) and there will be some big laughs, no doubt, given the outrageous Gaga-inspired costumes the cast is rocking. 
But Colfer tells Korbi TV that he, Mike O’Malley and Cory Monteith (Kurt, Kurt’s dad and Finn) filmed the most emotional scene that’s ever been on the show for this ep. 
“It was pretty intense,” he says. “Reading it on paper, I had no idea it was going to be so intense and then once I got into it, I kind of realized, oh there’s such a bigger meaning behind this! Omigod, this is so dramatic.”
Also dramatic?
The 10-inch heels Chris will be sporting as part of his Gaga get-up. 
Colfer fills us in on that, his trips to the ER and more…

What’s up with costume?
CC: In this Lady Gaga episode, each of the glee club members has their own Lady Gaga ensemble and mine was inspired by the Alexander McQueen outfit that she wears in the “Bad Romance” video. You know, it’s gold and shiny. And, that’s kind of what I’m wearing, except mine is more of like a George Washington meets an Oceanic whale disco ball type thing. And part of the outfit is 10-inch heels. 
Had you ever worn heels?
CC: No, never… Contrary to popular belief.
And you took to it, just like that, right?
CC: (Laughs) Not exactly. No, because they were 10-inch platforms, it was like walking around in stilts and I’m a little bit of a clutz. I’ve gone to the ER twice already in the last year, because of things I’ve done on the show, like being tossed in dumpsters, doing backflips on mattresses and landing on my neck, spraining my toe, I don’t know, I’ve done a lot of stuff.
They’re trying to kill you.
CC: They really are. If they want to write me off the show, just do it, don’t try to end my life! (Laughs) So, yeah, they probably knew I needed a little practice, so they gave me a pair of practice heels to walk around in [while] making dinner, cleaning the house, you know, grocery shopping. 
You didn’t go grocery shopping in them!
CC: No, I didn’t go outside. But I did have to dance in them — a pretty hectic dance — so I definitely had to learn to balance myself in them.   
Can’t wait to see it, Chris. Can’t wait.
“Theatricality” airs Tuesday, May 25 at 9 p.m. ET on FOX

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