glee chris colfer s1 e 320 'Glee's' Chris Colfer sells Disney on 'The Little Leftover Witch' pilotChris Colfer is ridiculously talented. We know this because of his standout performance as Kurt — both acting and singing —  on “Glee.” But it turns out Colfer can write, too. At least Disney’s banking on it.

Colfer is writing a Disney Channel pilot based on Florence Laughlin’s 1960 children’s book, “The Little Leftover Witch,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The story recounts the tale of a diminutive witch who is taken in by a kindly family  after her broom breaks and she falls out of the sky on Halloween night. reports that the book was originally optioned by Rick Fine, the husband of Colfer’s agent Meredith Fine, who brought it for Chris to adapt. It isn’t his only side project. This summer he plans to shoot the indie movie he scripted, “Struck By Lightning” before returning for “Glee’s” third season this fall.

leftover witch 'Glee's' Chris Colfer sells Disney on 'The Little Leftover Witch' pilot

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson