chriscolfer 'Glee's' high and low notes: Chris Colfer's KurtNext Wednesday, December 9th, “Glee
will finish the first half of its inaugural season, not returning to
our TVs until next April. To toast the freshman series before its
extended hiatus, we’re counting down the characters’ high and low notes. On tap today? Kurt Hummel…

High Note: Throwing the “Defying Gravity” solo competition for his father’s benefit
Beyonce who? Kurt’s “Single Ladies” performance is unforgettable (watch below). And the fact that dancing to the song gave him spot-on kicking skills, allowing him to deliver the football team with a game-winning field goal? Well, bravo. But Kurt’s highest note to date is far more moving, though it involves him botching an actual high note: Performing the traditionally female-sung “Defying Gravity” was Kurt’s dream. However, he faked a bad note when competing, insuring that the solo would go to Rachel. Why? Because Kurt’s father, who was surprisingly accepting of him coming out of the closet, was starting to feel some heat for it and he didn’t want to draw further negative attention his pop’s way. Props to Kurt for  sacrificing to protect his dad.

Low Note: Sabotaging Rachel’s makeover
Makeovers are Kurt’s specialty. But when he found out Rachel wanted a new, improved look to woo Finn Hudson, he purposely botched the job. One could describe Rachel’s post makeover look as well, a “sad, clown hooker”… Finn did! And sure, Kurt’s unrequited crush on Finn led him to execute this diabolical move. But the unsympathetic way in which he orchestrated the whole thing? Ew. We don’t like this side of the kid.

Before The Fat Lady Sings: Can we open Kurt’s dating pool up just a little bit? Where are all the other Ohio gays hiding? Would be nice to see the boy fall for someone who can actually return the sentiment.

Have any other best and worst Kurt Hummel moments in mind?

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