corymonteith 'Glee's' high and low notes: Cory Monteith's FinnNext Wednesday, December 9th, “Glee
will finish the first half of its inaugural season, not returning to
our TVs until next April. To toast the freshman series before its
extended hiatus, we’re counting down the characters’ high and low notes. On tap today? Finn Hudson…

High Note: Being McKinley High’s Mr. Congeniality
Finn’s first shining moment involves him hitting some actual high notes. Remember when the boys performed the “It’s My Life”/”Confessions” mash-up? If not, see below. Finn took center stage for that number and killed it. Sadly though, it’s disqualified from our contest, since he was all hopped up on “vitamins” at the time. Instead, we’ll go with an imagined montage of young Mr. Hudson’s sweet nature: Saving the wheelchair-bound Artie from what could have been a serious port-a-potty disaster, gently scolding Puck for bullying vulnerable kids like Kurt and befriending outcasts such as Rachel. Sure, he kind of wants to get in her pants, so it’s not completely selfless behavior. But it’s clear that at Finn’s core, he’s a good person.

Low Note: Serenading the sonogram of Quinn’s unborn child
We’ve got a bit of a mixed bag here. Yes, it’s sweet that Finn was dying to express his love for the fetus he thinks he fathered. But singing passionately to a MacBook computer with moving footage of his girlfriend’s uterus was totally weird. Especially considering the low probability of Quinn being pregnant by him since they never had sex. I mean, dude, are you really as dumb as you look?

Before The Fat Lady Sings: Let’s lose a little bit of that naivete. Finn needs to wake up and get wise to the fact that his best friend banged his lady and the baby is theirs.

Have any other best and worst Finn Hudson moments in mind?

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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