kevinmchale 'Glee's' high and low notes: Kevin McHale's ArtieThis Wednesday, December 9th, “Glee
will finish the first half of its inaugural season, not returning to
our TVs until next April. To toast the freshman series before its
extended hiatus, we’re counting down the characters’ high and low notes. On tap today? Artie Abrams…

High Note: “Wheels” …the episode as a whole
If “Glee” picked a different character to focus each episode on (like “Lost” used to do), “Wheels” would be the Artie Abrams hour. A-squared took center stage, with his disability and different challenges highlighted, while his strengths and talents were amplified as well. And along the way, we watched the love story between him and Tina grow. And it was adorable, how they looked at each other, how they bonded over their similarities. After just a few short scenes, we were invested in their relationship… well, a few short scenes and a musical performance too (see “Dancing with Myself” below).

Low Note: Watching the relationship crumble in minutes
So, Tina was faking her stutter. She never had a disability like Artie does. And it was uncool how she’d pretended to be dealing with life at a disadvantage. But she did come clean with him in the interest of building an honest foundation. And he responded by shutting her down so fast, our heads spun.

Before The Fat Lady Sings: Forgive and forget, Artie. Tina’s a good chick. And she’s into you. Can’t you please just kiss and make up?

Have any other best and worst Artie moments in mind?

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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