leamichele 'Glee's' high and low notes: Lea Michele's RachelNext Wednesday, December 9th, “Glee” will finish the first half of its inaugural season, not returning to our TVs until next April. To toast the freshman series before its extended hiatus, we’re counting down the characters’ high and low notes, starting first with Ms. Rachel Berry…

High Note: Romancing Finn and Puck
Okay, yeah, both boys are either involved with or
still lusting after Quinn Fabray, but when we saw Rachel fall for them, she was actually relatable. Likable even. The type-A, uber-talented, self-involved know-it-all who’s usually alienating her classmates let her guard down to expose a vulnerable side. And, as a bonus, we got some super solid musical performances from those
awkward courtships. “No Air” is certainly on our list (see below).

Low Note: Romancing Mr. Schue
Sure, Schue’s got it going on, what with the rapping, the break dancing, the boy band’ing and the lindy hopping too. But Rachel’s eye-on-the-prize, I’ll-get-what-I-want attitude coupled with her inappropriate crush on the teacher just made her creepier than usual. Infiltrating his home, cooking and cleaning for him right under his crazy wife’s nose. Come on, Berry, you’re better than that…

Before The Fat Lady Sings: As the fall season winds to a close, we’ve got many wishes for R.B… not gonna lie, would be great to see Finn cry on her shoulder when he finds out he’s not really Quinn’s baby daddy. But if we can’t have that, we’ll settle for a behind-the-scenes look at the Berry home. We know her parents are two gay dudes, but what a gay duo they must be, having produced this particular specimen.

Have any other best and worst Rachel Berry moments in mind?  

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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