glee matt morrison idina menzel 320 'Glee's' Idina Menzel says there is definitely more to Shelby than what we've already seen“Glee” fans have seen very little of Idina Menzel‘s Shelby so far, but on Tuesday (May 18), that will change.

What can you expect?

“There’s a couple secrets going on there [that] I’m not allowed to talk about,” Menzel tells Korbi TV. “But she’s definitely influential with [Mr. Schue’s] character and she definitely has more to her than what you see in the first episode.”

We’ve already reported that Jesse St. Sexy’s motives will be revealed very soon and our first thought was that Shelby sent him to McKinley as a plant to bust up New Directions.

“Possibly,” Menzel teases. “[Shelby]’s definitely calculated, she definitely has a plan. But she also has a heart and she sings eventually.”

Oh yes, the Broadway star is, of course, belting out a tune on the series. In fact, Menzel has a breathtaking number in this week’s hour, which seems to signal the beginning of a whole new storyline. A very significant one.

Cool, no? That means we’ll be getting more of Menzel, who tells us she’ll be singing both solo and with others in upcoming episodes.

Can’t wait.

Check out the clip for more on that, plus the word on how many eps Menzel will appear in this spring…

Any guesses on Shelby’s big secret?

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credit: FOX

Posted by:Marisa Roffman