jane lynch glee 320 'Glee's' Jane Lynch visiting 'iCarly'Before Jane Lynch goes back to work on “Glee” later this summer, she’ll pop by another pop-culture phenomenon: “iCarly.”

Lynch, who plays the snark-a-rific Sue Sylvester on “Glee,” will probably be a little less mean when she guests on Nickelodeon’s hit. She’ll be playing Sam’s (Jennette McCurdy) mother in an episode called “iSam’s Mom,” a Nick rep confirms to Zap2it.

(And by the way, we’re serious about calling “iCarly” a phenomenon. It’s consistently one of the highest-rated shows on cable and has spawned seven TV movies — which also draw big ratings — a book series, a CD, a videogame and a Facebook page with close to 800,000 fans.)

The reveal of Sam’s mother is kind of a big deal in the “iCarly” universe. Creator Dan Schneider notes that the show has referenced the mom in 57 of its 70 episodes, but she’s never been seen before. “We’re all EXTREMELY LUCKY to have someone as talented as Jane Lynch playing that very important role,” Schneider writes on his blog, DanWarp.

Lynch is filming her episode next week; an airdate hasn’t been set.

Reporting by Andrea Reiher

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Posted by:Rick Porter