glee jessalyn gilsig vid 'Glee's' Jessalyn Gilsig: Terri has Will 'in her sights,' may fall in love“Glee” fans — whether you like it or not — Terri’s back and ready to cause more trouble in Season 2.

“I’m not coming back quietly. I’m coming back pretty loud, which was fun to shoot,” Jessalyn Gilsig tells Zap2it on Tuesday (Sept. 7) before heading off to the “Glee” Season 2 premiere screening in Los Angeles. “She’s going to get her own life, but it’s going to be connected to the glee club, which means Will [Matthew Morrison] will always be in her sights.”

Terri returns in the second episode back and in an early FOX promo, we see her confront Will and Emma (Jayma Mays), who’ve just pulled up in a yellow convertible.

“It’s so fun have Emma be witness to all of our drama, paralyzed by the venom that comes out of both of us,” says Gilsig.

In contrast to her Season 1 story arc in which she tried to hide her faked pregnancy, Terri won’t be playing the avoidance game going into Season 2.

“She’s still working at Sheets N Things, but she’s also been collecting alimony,” reveals Gilsig. “There’s some great money conflicts between them about how they’re each spending their money. You can kind of tell by that first outfit that maybe she haven’t been fiscally responsible.”

Will isn’t completely free from splurging himself. How did the Spanish teacher afford that yellow sports car? Gilsig laughs and urges, “Why don’t you ask him that? That’s an excellent question.”

We’ve heard that Terri will be trying to make Will jealous by dating someone he knows, but unfortunately, it’s too early for the actress to know who exactly that lucky man will be.

“We haven’t done it yet. I think I know who it is, but then they can change it on a dime,” she admits. “I’m hoping that the storyline that’s been floated out there, that she’s really going to fall in love, will happen so you can see the Terri that Will first fell in love with

jessalyn gilsig glee s2 320 'Glee's' Jessalyn Gilsig: Terri has Will 'in her sights,' may fall in love“Then she can drop that need to always be on the attack,” observes Gilsig. “It’s hard. You can only imagine when you see your ex-husband in a new a car with the woman he left you for, you’re not going to show your best self.”

Another hope she has for this season is to have Terri sing again and even has a song picked out for her:

“I’ve been listening to that Eminem-Rihanna song, ‘I Love the Way You Lie’ and thought, ‘This is the perfect song for Will and Terri. It would be amazing.’ Everything becomes the soundtrack of your life.”

“Glee” returns for its second season on Tuesday, Sept. 21, and Terri makes her big entrance a week later on Sept. 28.

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